Waiving Environmental measures for cheaper gas

Sent to CA Senators Boxer and Feinstein:

The following is a letter sent to the President and V.P. in regards to the recent announcement that environmental regulations will be suspended for oil refineries in an attempt to curb rising gas prices. I find this outrageous and unacceptable. Our environment is already threatened in so many ways by the oil industry and our consumption and our government has ignored it far too long. We are only beginning to take steps in the right direction and this type of action represents a significant leap back in our government’s understanding and course of action towards our rising energy crisis. If there is anything that you can do to stop this, please do so. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do as an outraged and concerned citizen.
Thank you,
Clint Slaughter, M.D.
San Luis Obispo, CA

President Bush and Vice President Cheney
I am frankly appalled that your administration feels that an appropriate way to bring fuel prices down is to allow the industry to pollute more.
I was actually impressed that the current regime was taking alternative fuels into consideration and starting to look at their potential. Now I see that much of what is said is simply rhetoric and the actions of our government do not coincide with its words.
Low gasoline prices have been a privilege to U.S. citizens for some time, markedly lower than European prices. These low prices have been kept with political ties, wars, unfair tax breaks and loopholes for oil companies and the like. Despite these advantages and shortcuts, American oil companies are still recording record profits in times of world turmoil. It is amazing to see how short sighted our government is – do you really think that allowing oil refineries to pollute more will bring down the price of gas in the long run? Of course not, it may allow a small, temporary dip in prices, but will open the doors to future environmental impacts with this precedent. Our “addiction to oil” as the president keeps calling it, is a real problem, and the solution will come when Americans realize and are willing to pay for the true price of oil. Prices should be high, there is a huge environmental and political impact to using oil like we do in the U.S.. Oil companies should not keep benefiting from America’s political maneuvers and should stop making profits from the blood of our American soldiers.
I implore you to look to the future and the greater good of our nation and the world. We need a significant restructuring of our government and policies to begin investing in what is right and what will lead us into the next 100 years as a responsible, compassionate, and sustainable country. We need to invest in renewable energy research and education, continue and expand incentives for hybrids, alternative fuels, solar, and wind power. We need to minimize our use of fossil fuels and halt all dependence on foreign oil. We need to stop fighting battles fueled by our consumption and start waging peace and sustainability to be an example for all other countries in the world. If any country has the resources and intelligence to make this change and work towards a sustainable, environmentally sound society full of innovation and hope, the United States of America can do it first. We just need leaders with the integrity and the fortitude to do the right things to make this change.
All I ask is that as the leaders of a great country on the edge of falling from grace, you have that integrity and fortitude to make the right decisions for the right reasons.

Thank you,
Clint Slaughter, M.D.
San Luis Obispo, CA

Irrationally held truths may be more harmful than reasoned errors.
– Thomas H. Huxley

2 Responses to “Waiving Environmental measures for cheaper gas”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey ff, you have way too much time. I can’t understand all the problems with global warming. There are too many people to begin with. Just save up Ammo and then you can get what ever you want after the apocalypse.


  2. Clint Slaughter, M.D. Says:

    anonymous –
    With that attitude, we’ll reach our post-apocalyptic future that much sooner. Thanks for your lack of contribution to society. If you can’t understand something, that means you need to learn more about it, not choose apathy as a solution.

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