PG&E Renewables Non-existent for Private Customers

Well this is my 3rd phone call to PG&E, the power supplier for my home. Since we had solar installed, we’re technically business customers so after an annoying dose of crackling loops of droning hold music, I eventually got in touch with the proper department. So far, when I’ve asked the representatives about “green” or renewable energy credits, I’ve been met with puzzled moments of silence and confusion from everyone. It seems that there is no easy way for a PG&E customer to sign up for renewable energy! The rep should be getting back to me with more information, but I’m frankly shocked and appalled at them for not having this a standard option these days.
The more people that demand renewable energy instead of fossil fuel, the more power companies will be forced to invest in green energy research and production, making the whole process cheaper, cleaner, and smarter. Call your power company today!


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