’s Green Epiphany list

Treehugger (one of my favorite all-time websites) has a “Green Epiphany” comment going where people are telling the brief version of the time they “started thinking about the environment” or however you’d like to describe it.

Here’s mine:
It hit me really hard last spring when I was getting more and more angry about Iraq and the things that our country has been doing both here and abroad. Someone started talking about biodiesel and it suddenly clicked – every individuals consumption of resources contributes to these wars and this destruction. We need to take an individual stand against supporting these practices and show others what we’re doing. I started making biodiesel, reading, and voraciously learning about the current state of our environment and what we can do about it. Nice work everyone!

I hope more and more people are having “Green Epiphanies” these days. When those that have had these realizations take action and more people in current power see how important these issues are to the immediate future, we’ll see more and more pressure to make useful and effective changes to our environmental policies.

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