NativeEnergy: Green Energy Credits for Your Home!

NativeEnergy: Helping Fight Climate Change

So I contacted PG&E again and finally talked to someone who seemed to have a clue on their renewables policy. Their policy is that they don’t have one. They seem to be calling for subcontractors to expand their use of green energy as documented here, but there is no consumer program whatsoever and none in the works.
With a little more googleing, I found, a renewable electricity certification program that I’ve heard about before. Green-e has a database of all local power companies that provide green energy options to their customers (PG&E is not one of them – suprise) and then has links to national dealers of green energy certificates.
For many of us, depending on where you live, purchasing green energy certificates is the only way to pseudo-sign up for renewable energy – sort of.
So with our 4.5 Kw max solar system providing most of our power, we overflow avout 300 kWH or so from the grid, so I purchased the 5000 kWH “remooable energy” option from Native Energy to offset our remaining power usage.

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