Letter to Fox News’s "Junkman" at Junkscience.com

While I’m not an expert in global warming science, I know how to properly research and review scientific studies and as any decent scientist, I know how to analyze an article for bias and study design flaws. I was reading Sourcewatch’s representation of Fox News and all of the oh-so-obvious bias and came across the Junkscience site, hosted by Fox News’s Steven Milloy. Within a few sentences it became obvious that this is biased as well and the page takes liberties with scientific data as well as people’s emotions.
Here is the letter:

I came across your site while reading about how Fox News is biased towards conservative Republicanism and caters to the Bush administrations agenda. In the usual Fox News idiom, this spin-off does exactly that: misrepresent real data for it’s own ends. After reading your column on global warming, I cannot in any way call you a scientist or support the notion that your site is able to accurately research and synthesize scientific data.
Your column regurgitates quite a few facts and formulas, but distorts them in a biased and unfair manner. Your discussion deals largely with semantics of nomenclature rather than any actual science. The jovial and insulting nature of the writing essentially removes any credibility from your discussion. Similar to Ann Coulter’s rambling and flaming of those that do not agree with her, you present any opposing data derisively, immediately adding bias to your supposed scientific analysis. Arguments like trying to debunk computer models are pointless – of course there are many assumptions built in, if you knew all of the variables, you wouldn’t have to model it!
If you want to truly represent scientific data and present an organized, fair position, you need to stop the theatrics, stop omitting relevant data, and look inside yourself to see what your true motivations are.
Clint Slaughter, M.D.

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