"Clean-n-Green" Method Soap Founders Named "Persons of the Year" by PETA

Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry, the two young gentlemen who founded method, an environmentally responsible soap and household cleanser company, have been named PETA’s “Persons of the Year.”
In case you haven’t heard of them, they are a fantastic company who makes biodegradeable, environmentally friendly cleaning products from natural oils and safe chemicals. They’ve managed to combine style with responsibility and have fantastic scents like spearmint, sweetwater, pomegranate, grapefruit, lemongrass, almond wood cleaner, the list goes on. Target carries some things but they have a much larger selection online.
So far we’ve used the hand soap, hand lotion, compostable counter wipes, surface cleaner, glass cleaner, wood polish, laundry detergent, fabric softener, tile cleaner and candles. We still have some product categories to go! Ther cleaner works great, the soap cleans and smells incredible, and the wood polish gave a nice sheen to the wood floor in the S.E.E.P.’s soon-to-be biodiesel westfalia!
One of the best parts about this company is their commitment to “doing the right thing.” Our first internet order came dissapointingly packed in styrofoam peanuts and plastic bubble wrap. They happen to have gone to school at Stanford with one of my CEP America partners and I asked him to give them feedback about their lack of environmentally friendly shipping methods at one of their reunions. Well wouldn’t you know it, we made another order a few months later and it came shipped in dissolveable corn-starch peanuts (I ate one to test it – they don’t taste good, but they melt fast!) and paper packing! Way to go guys, this is one company that will get a lot of business from environmentally conscious consumers.

via Stefan Teitge, M.D.

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