Bush’s South America Visit Met With Protests

As our unbeloved fuhrer visited Brazil last week for some ethanol wheeling and dealing, protests and rioting erupted in many cities not only in Brazil, but in all of South America. Many posters and signs compare Bush to Hitler, call him a terrorist, and were screaming for him to leave.
Although the visit was covered in U.S. media, the protests were hardly discussed. Gavin dug up some excellent photos from demonstrations across South America in his blog, the coastal dissident.
I’m dissapointed to find that these days I am ashamed and disheartened to be an American these days. When your president is viewed by an entire continent as a terrorist and compared to the most horrible despot of modern times, you tend to lose a little faith in your country and it’s management of domestic and global issues. Through American imperialism, our voracious appetite for global energy resources, and corruption and political power plays, a once great nation has been reduced to nothing more than a greedy, selfish bully.

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