Captain America is Dead!

It’s been covered in the NY Times, and G has written an excellent eulogy on the coastal dissident site. It has also been well covered on “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart as well as by our favorite pseudo-republican pundit for freedom, Steven Colbert. He first professed “The Word“, and now he has been named in Steve Roger’s will to be the recipient of Captain America’s indestructible symbol of adamantium/vandanium alloy freedom!

Does Marvel want Steven Colbert to run for president? Or do they want to give him an experimental “Super Soldier Serum” so he can try to rebuild a divided and corrupt America where our last bastion of justice and liberty has failed?
To me, the death 0f the legendary hero, Captain America, is symbolic of the fall of the noble American dream of freedom. Freedom from persecution for your beliefs, freedom to create, to speak, to discuss, to challenge, freedom to be your own person. His death symbolizes the rise of imperialism, evangelism, and fanaticism the world over. He has become an ink-spattered martyr, sacrificing himself for the oblivious, self-absorbed masses. I for one will be wearing my black ribbon in memory of one of our most noble defenders of humanity.

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