U.N.’s Climate Report Looks Bleak, Even Watered Down!

The U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, made up of 2000 of the world’s most foremost climate experts, came out with it’s fourth report on Global Warming and as the vast majority of the populace has already accepted, unless we make major changes in our consumption and energy production, we’re going to face multiple and massive humanitarian crises. This doesn’t mean just that the shoreline near the beach condo will be smaller, it means that tens of millions of people will be displaced, facing massive famines and spread of disease. Patterns of global species extinction will coincide with the deaths of an inestimateable number of humans. The frightening part is that China, Saudi Arabia, and of course, the United States spent all night hammering out concessions to “weaken the wording.” How bad is it REALLY if death, disease, famine and extinction is “weakened wording”!!!! Sadly, the associated press article this links to does not include the U.S. as one of the countries guilty of forcing changes in a scientific report. Nice unbiased journalism.
At least the Washington Post pointed a little blame at our administration’s interference with scientific data. Who approves this type of behavior in a diplomat?
We really have to get oil companies out of our government affairs. It makes our country look like shortsighted fools in the eyes of the world and puts the lives of millions of people at greater and greater risk of tragedy.

Here’s the official “Summary for Policymakers.”
‘The BBC also has a nice educational page on climate change.
Worcester Telegram & Gazette News

One Response to “U.N.’s Climate Report Looks Bleak, Even Watered Down!”

  1. Why doesn’t the UN attempt any effective solutions like organizing economic sanctions on the US or china for our continued refusal to lower carbon outputs? Everyone has so much language for the US but no action. It seems like people are waiting for something to happen just so they can say later “I was on the right side.”

    Thats okay, I will say, “I fought them with everything I had.” and then I’ll watch the world crumble around me, because by that time, it will be too late to try and reverse the damage without millions of innocents suffering.

    I really don’t think we could have picked a more exciting time to be alive. The next 50 years will change energy, government, culture, and community for everyone.

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