Chevy’s Greenwashed Microcars at the NY Auto Show – No Innovation or Ingenuity. Bonus – "New Car Buyer’s Guide"

Dear GM,
We don’t care what your cars look like as much as we care how we can use them and minimally impact the environment. We want a 75mpg convertible 5 seater that runs on vegetable oil. We want a sweet sportsbcar like the Tesla Roadster that beats a Porsche off the line, is all-electric, and goes 250 miles in one charge. We want to be proud of how we are using our resources and proud to use an American engineered and American-made car on alternative fuels. I will admit, however, that they look pretty darn slick.

This was my response to a blog posting on the GM Blog, fastlane’s “proud birth” of their pseudominicar triplets. They tout innovation and design, yet barely mention the innards of these smallish new concept cars. This is yet another failure in a long line of poor decision making and a stubborn partnership with the U.S. oil industry, as we have yet to see an American car company design and sell an environmentally friendly car. We know they can do it, we’ve seen and become nauseated at the waste shown in “Who Killed the Electric Car?”. We’ve seen Toyota make huge profits on the Prius, outselling all American counterparts. We’ve seen small startups but out incredibly advanced, efficient, and practical (for a rich speed junkie anyway) sportscars like the Tesla roadster and now the L1X-75 that will appeal to plenty of earth-loving yuppies. We know that it can be done, we know that a profit can be made, and we know that U.S. automakers have way more resources than all of these startups put together! So why won’t they jump into the CO2 neutral arena? Why won’t they offer a line of electric and alternative fuel burning cars? The car makers of our country try to instill pride in an American -made vehicle yet they sue our government when it tries to impose fuel efficiency standards weaker than Europe’s. It makes no sense and I think that we should boycott all U.S. as well as foreign automakers and refuse to buy any new car until they begin selling an environmentally friendly personal vehicle.
1. No fossil fuels – this means an all-electric car with a hydrogen or solid battery, a hybrid with a biodiesel or ethanol fueled motor, or a straight alternative fuel engine rated to run on biodiesel, ethanol, vegetable oil, or another burdgeoning biofuel like butanol (which will run in any gas-powered vehicle without modification, btw).
2. Cradle to Grave certification – The parts for our requested vehicle should be made of bioplastics or be recycled and recyclable and it’s useful life should be long and reliable.
3. Efficient – Not only are avoiding fossil fuels important, but an inefficient alternative-fueled vehicle can cause plenty of waste as well. Gone are the days of selfish, compensatory Hummers driving kids to school. We need to evolve into more resource-conscious and responsible consumers.

So, you’re a looking for a new car?
Here’s the front and the back of The S.E.E.P.’s Official 2007 New Car Not Buying Guide! Print them out and place them in your favorite car dealer’s info rack!
Rule #1 of the guide is: Don’t Buy a New Car.

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