Patagonia Releases Environmentally Friendly Wetsuits

Our favorite clothing company, Patagonia, has released their new line of wetsuits:
“Patagonia wetsuits use the highest quality Japanese neoprene – made from 80% non-petroleum based ingredients – which has a 98% higher closed cell ratio than other neoprene.

We line the entire wetsuit with a merino wool grid, bonded to recycled polyester, to trap more insulative dead-air space and quickly wick moisture away from the skin. (Pat. Pending)”

Yvon Chouinard and his band of eco-ninjas have been pioneers from the start, using organic cotton and hemp fabrics for years, recycled soda bottles for their fleeces, founded 1% for the Planet, have solar panels on their Ventura headquarters, and even have a used underwear recycling program!

5 Responses to “Patagonia Releases Environmentally Friendly Wetsuits”

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  3. Wow, with merino wool, that’s great. How much are they?

  4. disappointed with the merino wool…not vegan friendly.

    and how are the sheep treated who give their wool for these wet suits?!

    eco friendly? hmmm…

    • theseep Says:

      For a wetsuit usually made from petroleum-based neoprene with petroleum-based polyester linings, yes, they are relatively eco-friendly. The merino wool used by Patagonia is supposedly responsibly sourced merino wool from New Zealand where the sheep are happy and frolic through the fields. I think you’re going a bit far if you oppose humanely raised wool.

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