Could Perepiteia Perpetual Motion Machine Be The Real Deal?

The legendary perpetual motion machine. The Holy Grail of energy inventions. It violates the very laws of physics and contradicts the conservation of energy theory of the universe. If it could be made to work and harness that power, the world’s energy crisis would be over within a few decades.
Well, a gentleman by the name of Thane Heins, working with engineers at the University of Ottawa, demonstrated what seems to be one such machine, generating 5 amps or so off of  a small generator setup.  If this actually works as described, Mr. Heins may have revolutionized the production of energy as we know it.

Imagine every home having their own perpetual motion generator, power bills, no CO2 emissions, and clean energy for everyone!  This is where our research dollars should be going, no more multi-billion dollar subsidies to oil companies to continue destroying our environment, lets push our representatives to put money where it will do us all good, not just a few corporations that are already making ridiculous profits.

3 Responses to “Could Perepiteia Perpetual Motion Machine Be The Real Deal?”

  1. Potentially, this is a over unity machine. What he has done was eliminate the effect of Lenz Law by completing the magnetic field created by Back EMF back into the rotor of the moving wheel. The air field is therefore gone! Imagine the number of coils you can then roll up along the generator… potential is limitless!

  2. I was reading an article about perpetual motion, (from a critic as usual) and i noted the common theme was, “many of these machines eventually stop running!!” don’t all machines?? magnetic field manipulation is using existing energy, not creating it! so it is not magic or bogus theory at all, the same as gravitational machines do not create energy, they use existing energy, the fact that they can or should run in perpetual motion, has nothing to do with the laws of thermodynamics, for no claim is made to have created energy, simply having used a previously inaccessablle source of it known to exist. Congrats if it works, and if it does not, you’ve done better than those who quote laws of thermodynamics without reading them first. Well done to the inventor/s

  3. bcyburt Says:

    Thane Heins “Perepiteia generator” does not violate the laws of physics; it appears to be speed modifier for AC induction motors. The synchronous speed of an induction motor is determined by the AC frequency and the number of poles in the motor. The coil and magnets of his generator create a pulsing magnetic field that travels through the induction motor shaft and alters the magnetic relationship between the rotor and stator, causing the induction motor to speed up as if the frequency increased or the number of poles has changed. That is why there is no acceleration when coupled with a plastic shaft instead of a metal shaft. Do not confuse the fact that the motor speed increases when an electrical load is placed on the generator with “free energy”. The motor speed is not a true indication of power generated by the motor /generator set. Without actually measuring the actual horsepower and torque produced by his motor/gererator set, there is no other way to find out if it is producing more power than is put in by the electricity. Most likely, there is no magic here, but instead, a method of altering the characteristics of an induction motor. This could possibly allow improving the efficiency of induction motors, but not likely producing free energy.

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