Letter To An Apathetic Manufacturer – Active Conscious Consumerism

Over the last few years, we have made big changes – solar, biodiesel production, WVO conversion on our Vegfalia, LED and CFL lighting, changing what we eat and from whom we buy it, and trying to curb our gluttonous consumerism. It is difficult, however, for a bargain-hunting gadget geek to overcome some of these long-ingrained urges.
Yesterday, I received an sale email from Scott E-Vest, a manufacturer and retailer of “technology-enabled” clothing which I have been eyeing for some time. Basically, their jackets and other clothing have multiple, well-designed pockets, a weight-management system, and conduits to run your headphones and cables – truly worthy of even the most discriminating techie dorks (they even have a solar panel option!). I was tempted by a big sale, but my ecovangelism got the best of me and I emailed them to see what their materials were and where the products were made. This was their response:

“We manufacture our products in China. At this time, we do not use recycled materials.” . . .
Laura Jordan

So here was my ecovangelistic retort:

“Thanks for the reply, let me know if you bring manufacturing back to the U.S. to support our own country’s economy.

We will hopefully be seeing more of this as we slide into this recession, as we start to realize the social implications of our workforce choices, as the costs of fuel and transport increase, and as global emissions become commodities. Also, as more environmentally friendly and recycled materials are more available at lower costs, they are more and more becoming the intelligent choice for responsible manufacturing.

Please consider the chain of effect the production of your goods makes – from materials made out of petroleum with toxic by-products, to oppressive and sweatshop-like conditions of manufacture in China, to the CO2 emissions and fuel use from shipping across the globe, to the decline of the American workforce and our current economic downturn as the result of outsourcing these jobs.

Today’s consumers are quickly becoming more responsible in their purchasing as the conscious consumerism movement grows and each manufacturer is held responsible for the environmental and social effects of what they offer to the market. We are voting for responsible and thoughtful products with our dollars and against corporate apathy and greed by taking our business elsewhere.

Thank you for your consideration

Clint Slaughter, M.D. “

Feel free to use this letter as a basis for writing to companies that you used to use, but have phased out because of their business practices and lack of environmental and social responsibility. If we just vote with our dollar, it will be a slow transition. If we combine words and action, we might speed up the process!

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