ABC Refuses to Air Repower America Commerical – They’ve Already Been Bought By Big Oil.

In a blatant maneuver to stay in the good graces of oil companies and keep their ad revenue, ABC has refused to air this commercial from the Alliance for Climate Protection at Lets see. . . we can support a message funded by the public for the public good in a time of crisis, or we can pander to the oil companies, those partially responsible for the mess we’re in.
Sounds like a boycott to me! I’ll stick to CNN and BBC (Sorry FOX, I only watch to laugh at your ridiculously obvious bias to the right. NBC is biased to the left, but isn’t quite as blatant as FOX – but Olberman does great rants).


One Response to “ABC Refuses to Air Repower America Commerical – They’ve Already Been Bought By Big Oil.”

  1. heldengalerie Says:

    This is a very powerful commercial. I am sorry it did not run. Did it run anywhere?

    Please stop by my blog. Read the about us. “Helden Galerie” is a project I started and have been working on that I think you may be interested in. Please leave a comment of support. Write to CNN and tell them what I am trying to do. I would love the press coverage.

    If you would like to help, I could use help getting the word out. I am looking for photographers who would like to donate photographic art. This art would be used to raise money for various non-profits and Charitable Organizations. How it works in described in the about us section on the “Helden Galerie” Blog.

    I hope you don’t mind that I am not too proud to ask a perfect stranger for help.

    Peace & success to you.

    Christopher St. John
    Founder, “Helden Galerie”
    “The Art of Compassion.”

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